...feel fantastic in our SPA...

Feel the soothing touch of hands, massaging your muscles and releasing tension accumulated in them.

Face care

Smooth, moisturized and radiant skin is the dream of every woman. More and more often men also want to take care of the skin of their face. At Spa Hotel Król Kazimierz, we offer a wide range of beauty ceremonies, where everyone will be able to choose unique treatments perfectly suited to their needs.

Our employees will help you choose the right ceremony, and will offer to combine individual ceremonies into packages. Thanks to them, taking care of the body (and mind) will be even more intense...

Body care


Fatigue, stress, poor diet and lack of exercise do not help us to maintain a harmonious, slim and firm body. It is enough, however, that you find a moment, and thanks to our specialists you can celebrate a return to your natural beauty.

Care ceremonies can last from half an hour to a few hours - it only depends on your desires and needs. However, even after a short time you will feel how problems and tension disappear, and the skin regains its firmness and smoothness.

If you are spending a weekend together, you can plan joint ceremonies in the same office. Specially composed seances for two will allow you to enjoy the closeness throughout the whole stay in the SPA and it will be an unforgettable experience. Specially selected fragrances and sounds accompanying the ceremonies will create a unique atmosphere that will allow you to completely break away from everyday life.

Massage Ceremonies


At SPA Hotel Król Kazimierz, we offer not only classical massage, but also a range of massages that combine classical and ancient Asian techniques.

These include massages with the use of essential oils which form the basis of the healing method called aromatherapy. Depending on the plant from which the oils come, they can remove fatigue, calm you down or, on the contrary, stimulate the senses and add energy.

For your comfort and full safety, all massages are performed by top-class professionals. The effects of their work bring an immediate improvement in well-being and are a great way to take care of your body.


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