Król Kazimierz Hotel

This is a place where history can be seen everywhere, rich in mysteries and fascinating details...

The designers decided to combine sophisticated modernity with historical elements. The architectural concept is based on a 17th century granary, which is now one of the parts of the hotel. The building used a type of stone characteristic of Kazimierz and of the surrounding area, called Opoka in Polish, patio columns are inspired by architecture of Kazimierz tenement houses.

Embark on a journey


It is lalso not lacking of references to the theme of travel in the building - because it is what brings our guests here. Due to the unique location of the hotel, in the bend of the Vistula river, the best symbol of the trip was a boat. This motive is repeated in different places. In the historic boat in the patio we have created an intimate bar, many architectural references can be seen in the glazed, ultramodern patio.

Our rooms are directed to the 4 sides of the world. We have rooms overlooking the river, a forest slope, a view towards Kazimierz or Puławy, and Courtyard rooms.

We tried to create a facility that is difficult to forget. Find out for yourselves if we succeeded...

A great hotel!

A wonderful hotel! A beautiful patio that lets plenty of light into the whole property. Interiors of rooms arranged in a royal style. Very nice hotel service. A pool with an atmosphere created by the water-lighting lamps. Well-equipped SPA where you can relax. A gym with a lot of equipment. A beautiful hotel restaurant. A wonderful hotel! I recommend!

Emilia S, TripAdvisor


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